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Month: July 2015

Reverie Poetry Jam

More than a week after taking the bold step of creating this space, I still hadn’t managed to make my first post. Deliberations and rumination abounded, knowing I must make a memorable entry to commemorate this critical moment.

Then, in one of my 3.30am epiphanies it came to me! I must start a Poetry Jam. And so I did.

This blog post marks the beginning of a beautiful creature in the community in which I live.

Reverie Poetry Jam will be held on the last Sunday of every month, commencing at 2.30pm on the 30th August 2015. Held at the tranquil Kingfisher Cafe at Blueys Beach, it will be a safe and non judgemental space for people to share their words.

An afternoon of spoken word, poetry, an open mic style event.

Recite poetry, tell a story, read part of a novel or a journal entry or even a blog post, sing, whatever you can say in 5 minutes and under.

I hope, I wish, to create a community of like minded individuals, a coterie if you will, who share a love of spoken word, literature and creative expression.

As I aways say, if you don’t fit in, create you own tribe!