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Month: August 2015


Always an eccentric child, too inquisitive and headstrong

never an obedient girl, from the start intent on


a trail of my own.

Crossing continents alone at 16,

consuming whole the brilliance


harsh beauties

found in reality so far detached from my own

Getting lost in silver wrapped sweets, streets enveloped in bollywood beats,

spiced chais , gasoline fumes and kush covered peaks.

This world, like my third eye, now open, the plates had shifted


for me.

These months far from home, setting the tone

for life to come, doing everything recklessly, purposefully

set on following my heart and not the straight path.

Years passed in hazes and phases, cultures, commotions,

emotions, lovers, lust, then love, true love?

Not to be,

just crude responses in searches for meanings

in the interiors of other peoples spaces

seeking answers in dark places, losing faces to insidious vapours.

Buried deep ,fear of feeling, of transparency, exposure

of soul laid bare,

love would never come easy, could never.

Though I wished for a broken heart to come at last,

selfishly only for the sake of my art

to be able to express more then a child,

except I was the one breaking hearts,

my wish never being realised

what kind of person was I?

what artist has never loved and lost, only left behind painful memories.

Always hopeful, with eyes that carry the pain of a thousand wounds of time,

living on the surface at peace, yet underneath

fighting demons not easily dismissed


until ,


close to the edge of no return, against sound judgement and intuition

fell into the soul of someone who was broken

should have stayed away, and not fallen for the deceptions

against my intuition, I fell

and his darkness was immense, until I saw no boundaries between what I thought and felt

It was blind, it was lust, it was the intermittent taste of rust

volatile and immeasurable,

trapped but couldn’t let it go,


in cascade of madness

the other one was


and I was earthshakingly lonely, not alone.

seeking solitude and solace from the light

for the first time in my life

I was wide awake,

accepting that I could be two – alone.

finding inside my light, so white and radiant

that I was so rare I could exist in places I didn’t know existed

that even the darkest night could be followed by bright escapes

if given a chance to draw the drapes

so ,

in a moment

the future changed,

atoms rearranged

without my realisation or intention

dark forged light,

two had made one

beating heart

alive in my blood

and nothing was the same.

Freedom and Fear

In the current political climate, it seemed timely to reflect on how the Australian people have been convinced that the nation is on the brink of becoming an Extremist Islamist State. Any day now all women will be forced to wear burqas, girls will be denied education and the men will be free to rape, murder and pillage in the name Allah. The Australian way of life will come to an end, the Islams won’t want to go back to Islam because they will all just love the oppressive regime installed here by ISIS or the Taliban or whoever it is.

Because you know, generally people just can’t wait to live under fascist dictatorships, at least according to Australias general public.
However history tells us that since its inception, religion has often been used as a tool for oppression, destruction and conquering of peoples the world over, its not actually a modern phenomenon. The people that have been on the receiving end of this have been the unwilling masses, whilst those at the top have been the powerful perpetrators.
In this day and age, I feel I would be hard pressed to find a people who will happily submit to oppression. Quite the contrary, if one glances at current situations the world over there is a common theme, people being persecuted and oppressed, resulting in people fighting wars or fleeing war torn countries.
So lets have a look at what logic can be applied to explain how Australia is under threat of being taken over by ISIS, an extremist terrorist organisation.
Who exactly are these people that are going to turn Australia into an Islamic State?.
The people seeking asylum who have risked their lives to escape oppression, persecution and death?
The people who have lent and borrowed every dollar they could to buy a visa, fleeing all that they know in the hope of a better life for their children?
The people who were born here, have families in countries ruled by Islamic Militants but choose to remain here and participate in our democratic society?
Australia’s Muslim population is 382,000, it has been speculated that about 0.01% of European Muslim people hold extremist ideals and participate in terrorist organisations. Applying that figure to Australian Muslim people 0.01% is 38.2. So lets say there are 38 extremist fanatical Australian Muslims, how are they going to successfully turn Australia into an Islamic State?

Well it must be because the 38 muslims terrorists sitting around in darkened rooms plotting the end to all infidels are not just an extremist minority, but are actually representative of all Australian Muslim people. Even though there has been four terrorist attacks in Australia since 1978, and every terrorist attack around the world is condemned by Australian Muslim Leaders. Nevertheless by popular logic every Australian Muslim person must be a terrorist.
Although people believe that the American cops who shoot unarmed Black people are just an extreme minority and don’t represent all police.
They also believe that the American young, white, ‘mentally ill’ males who blow up schools and churches don’t represent all young, white ‘mentally ill’ males.
Or that the Australian males who who kill their women partners and children each year isn’t representative of all men.

So why are people so easily convinced that there are 300,00 Muslims plotting to end their Australian way of life

Muslims are people. they are not a different species, or a different race, they are simply people who are born, grow up, and choose to believe that their gods name is Allah and he sent them a prophet who had instructions on how to be people.

People don’t want lives where freedoms are restricted, the borders have been opened for too long that those who are living in fear and oppression know exactly what they are missing out on and they desire change.
People want to live in places where they can freely practice a peaceful faith that enriches their lives, obtain the level of education they choose regardless of gender or socio economic status and have access to healthcare and social security networks. Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head under the Taliban regime for trying to obtain an education. Most people want to live in a place where their daughters can receive an education, how many have fled the Taliban? Why would someone flee that regime only to go about instilling it in their new home?
If only all these reclaim Australia/conservative/Abbot worshippers would go out in their neighbourhoods, volunteer at a refugee drop in centre, be invited to share a meal with other people of faiths different to their own, they would be participating in living the idealistic freedom they think they are defending.