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Fashion Friday ; we love to shop small

IMG_8832We happened into the world of brand repping through my love of small shops. Prior to Instagram and having children of my own, I would always source my clothes from small or upcoming label in boutiques, markets or vintage stores. When I moved out of the city to a tiny seaside town a few hours from anywhere with decent shopping, I started to spend more time online and discovered Instagram. It’s beautiful thing when small shops with limited budgets can connect with people who truly dig their wares, and brand rapping was the next logical step for someone who was already buying the clothes and loves taking photos. I hesitated at first only because of the privacy invasion for my children. They can’t really give consent for me to share their photos because ether don’t really understand the long term implications. I only really decided it was ok when I realised that if I signed them up to model, as everyone said I should, their images would be freely available everywhere and I would have far less control over the image. So you won’t see any embarrassing pics or bath shots on here, just photos of two very handsome boys and their rad and edgy styles.


Mister R looking super fresh in his Australian made ByFaith&Grace BKO overalls and handprinted raglan all the way from CA WickedGoodVibes . This kid seriously could not get any cooler, I mean just look at those tiny DocMartens!


Mister J in a basic black organic cotton shirt by PopUpShop and an infinity scarf handmade in WA by ScruffCandy , with sunnies he forced me to buy at the local surf shop. They fold up which I must admit is pretty awesome. These shorts are by an amazing local label Lil’Mr , very dope and perfect for hanging out in alleyways or dancing.



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