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Skateboarding in your 30’s

IMG_9177When I was a teenager I was really into skateboarding, despite the fact I was literally the only girl in my small town who skated. My weekends were spent practicing kick flips and grinding and all that, and I was actually pretty good. I continued to skate on and off into my twenties, and I only really stopped when I started to work as a remedial massage therapist. Impossible to work with a broken wrist, so I did the grownup thing and avoided most perilous activities that could result in broken bones.

Fast forward a few years and I have two little boys, and no father figure to speak of to participate in the so called ‘boy’ activities with them. So I am mum and dad, and its totally up to me to shape how they view the world and their understanding of the roles of men and women. Clearly I am a feminist, every woman alive today should consider them selves a feminist, and if they don’t, they have feminism to thank for that choice. But I digress, back to the boys.

They both got MiniMicro scooters about 2 years ago and quickly skate parks became our second most frequented place. I would sit there watching, with the other mums, and all I saw was boys skating. True enough there were some younger girls on their scooters, but I was actually really surprised to see not much had changed in the 20 years since I first started skating( wow did I really just say 20 years ago).

So I determined that I would get a skateboard and start skating, if not only to show my own boys that girls don’t just sit on the sidelines. Getting said skateboard was easier said then done, as my budget didn’t really allow the luxury of a brand new ready to roll deck. I looked around for second hand decks but wasn’t easy to come by, either here in our small town or further afield in Newcastle and Sydney. Winter soon rolled around and there was less daylight to get much skating done and I got distracted by life.

Sometime after the grass began to green once more, and the days got longer, the guy I was dating surprised me with a brand spanking new board all ready to go! It was such lovely present that I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the board he had gotten me was a cruiser and not really great in the skate bowl! It was great to get back on 4 shaky wheels and get my balance back, and the kids certainly seemed somewhat impressed!
Six months later the beautiful man is no longer around (thats a whole other blog post) and I splurged out and bought myself a new board from the super helpful guys at NewcastleSkate, some protective gear and I was back into it. Fairly soon after, I fell off. To my humiliation, I wasn’t even moving at the time. How does that even happen you ask? well, I was wearing the wrong shoes for a start and they kind of stuck to the board grip as I tried to step off, so I lost my balance and crashed to the side, catching myself with my unprotected wrist. Oh it hurt, a lot. 5 weeks later and I have gone to get an X-ray, though I have yet to get the results.
So I may have a slightly fractured wrist, but do you think I learned my lesson? of course not!
Yesterday at the skatepark, My little man who got his own new board for christmas was scared to go down a little slope alone. So I had the brilliant idea to go down together while I held his little and in mine. I crashed. Into a stinky mud puddle that usually isn’t there but we had a crazy food two days ago. Little man was totally fine though, he wanted to go again!!!
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