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Skateboard P

Mister R has loved playing around with skateboards since the day I first brought mine home. When christmas loomed, and Mister J was in need of his first big ticket item, a bicycle with pedals, it was only natural that Mister R would be getting his very own skateboard. It was made an even easier decision when I discovered the perfect first board for kids via one of my favourite blogs/IG accounts @freeandwildchild. Her children have super rad boards from a very ethical company that specialises in lightweight full size bamboo skateboards specially for kids age 5-10. For some unknown reason I thought that said company was located in Melbourne. So when as per usual, I was getting christmas shopping done a week or so before the big day, I went online to order and discovered they were actually located in California. Epic fail!!

Thus began a frantic search for the same or similar from a location where they would guarantee pre christmas delivery or I could one pick up in store. For a child his size I really needed the lightweight option or a thinner deck but normal length. A normal deck is 8 to 8 and 3/4 inches across. Little kids really need around a 7 across deck if its a normal weight maple board. Contrary to what you may think, those little kid size boards are not actually great for little kids to learn on.

Living out here in the sticks it was proving impossible to find one close by or that would get here in time via express courier. Luckily for me, one of my best friends saved the day. He was driving up from sydney for a holiday on christmas day, and he went out his way to go and pick up a board by Enjoi from BasementSkate in Redfern.IMG_9914
So the day was saved and Mister R got his very own first skateboard. Since then he has progressed so quickly riding it. The helmet he has isn’t great though and bothers him, so I am looking into getting him a new one that is specially for skateboarding youngsters.
Here he is pictured without any safety gear, but he was only on the flat cement. I definitely recommended always using wrist, elbow and knee guards and of course a properly fitted helmet.
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