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when all your clothes are black

imageLast week I was packing my overnight bag for a weekend away in the city, carefully selecting and laying out my underwear, pants, shirts, jackets, socks and shoes and laying them out on my bed. I had to laugh when I realised every item was black. Every single item. I actually had to snap a pic to send to my friends, one of whom shares my all black wardrobe tastes. There do exist some items that aren’t black, but its so hard to choose them over a clean black item that can easily replace it. When shopping for clothes I try really hard to pick items that aren’t black, though it rarely eventuates. What can I say, black is the colour of my soul!!
Black is my signature, I don’t know whether it chose me or I chose it, but I have a feeling we are in the longest term relationship I’ll ever have. I have always had my own style and never followed trends of any type, mixing small labels from boutiques with pre loved, vintage and the odd item from the bigger labels.
Ethical clothing is close to my heart, and I will almost always choose handmade, ethically produced, sweat shop free or organically sourced clothing. I wish clothing was not the throw away consumer item it is today, and I definitely believe in quality over quantity.
Discovering shopping on instagram, I started mainly with clothes for my boys. Soon enough I found lots of different items for mamas too. By that stage I had also discovered brand repping for the boys, and not long after I discovered that many stores also wanted adult/mama reps too. Oh you’re a model, who’s your agency? instagram (insert crying with laughter emoji) . Yes I know what you’re thinking, but its totally different to those types. First of all its not really modelling, second of all it is actually really rad getting clothes free or discounted in return for creating some cool photos.
It’s another creative outlet, one that I can share with my boys, and hopefully inspire other mums to dress however they feel like. Clothing has always been an expressive art for me and reflects who I am and how I feel. As much as I don’t buy into fads, trends and luxury items, and I’m far from a materialistic person generally. I feel like as an artist, clothing gives you the ability to wear your art every day, and identify where you are in a society.
As a mother you already lose so much of yourself the moment you hold that baby in your arms and know that you are completely devoted to the survival of a tiny human being. Dressing in clothes that are expressive of you, and compliment your personality is one of the last stands we have against losing ourselves into an abyss of spit up milk, poo, sleep deprivation and noise pollution. As a woman and a mum, I know that I am defined by my children and devoted to them, and I strive to look after myself so I can do this momentous task at hand with the best possible preparation and tools. For me, taking pride in my appearance has really helped me get through some dark times. There were days when I felt like I couldn’t get out of bed, and sometimes I didn’t. But there were other days when I did get up, and had a shower, made my hair look nice, made my face look nice, picked out a nice outfit and I truly felt more capable and strong.
So I hope through this platform I can share my own mumstyle and share some small shop finds along the way!
This rad tank top is raw cut and hand printed on organic cotton by a beautiful mama who started out making clothes for her kiddies and now makes Tee’s for big kids too!


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