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procrastination is my weakness

So here I am, procrastinating about writing a post about procrastinating. Oh the irony! Its 10.04 am, ad aside from a mountain of housework and work to do, I have time spare to devote to my passion, writing. Unfortunately all the brilliant prose and with anecdotes that rouse my mind when I’m lying in bed supposed to falling asleep elude me at present. Where to start, with what and how, thus beginning the shifting of priorities, the busying with little distractions and then of course one finds oneself with no time left to write,or live.
So here I am writing. Writing something, anything. Writing because all the great writers wrote every day, some at least a few hundred words, some thousands. At the moment no one even reads what I write, so in that I have some freedom, free of critique, pressure and expectations. I write because I think too much, and if I didn’t write I think my brain would cease function for once an all.
Some topics that are on my mind that I want to write about soon are;
The dating world as a single mum.
Having my first child attend primary school and all the feelings and memories that its bringing up for me.
Being a single mum and how that means you are having to do the job of a mum and dad.
The recent event of Australia day and what it means to aboriginal people.
Holidays with kids when you are single.

So I best get to it!

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