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imageDefinitely my favourite part of IG shopping is discovering small shops that you would otherwise never have discovered if not for clicking from one page, to another, to another and ending up somewhere on the other side of the world 2 weeks ago, to a kid wearing an amazing outfit that you just have to purchase for your own little one.
This is how I discovered Baby Teith and these amazing glitch art leggings. Baby Teith are half a world away from us, literally, hailing from Phoenix Arizona. I’ve been coming across so many creative and inspiring people from Arizona I almost want to move there!
Baby Teith founders are a creative couple who started the label out from designing clothes for their own baby girl and have grown from there, creating futuristic clothes that are comfortable, uncommon and fun. I can definately attest to that being correct, Mister R has been getting up to his usual mischievous shenanigans and the leggings are super comfy and built for fun. Wearable art is my favourite kind of clothing and it will be fun for me to see how many ways they can be styled.
Follow their account on insta here babyteith
tank by axel and sis

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