When murder isn’t murder

Yesterday in a regional area of remote western Australia, a 14 year old boy riding a motorbike was run down by a 55 year old man driving a 4 WD vehicle.
This child was run down, allegedly run over and left to die alone on dusty bush track.
The boys name was Elijah and he was Aboriginal and local to the area Kalgoorlie.
The tensions between Aboriginal people and non Aboriginal people have been high for some time now in Kalgoorlie, with some citizens openly calling for culling of Aborginals and self proclaimed white supremacists holding meetings where non whites are denigrated and ridiculed.
After the discovery of the dead boy and his injured friends, the alleged defendant who left scene of the crime, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter.
As a result of this charge, the aboriginal community decided to protest. To get together in the streets and make it known that they are angry and tired of the inherent and systemic racism that brings charges of manslaughter when the crime is a perpetrated by a white man against a black.
The protest soon turned to a riot, as police in riot gear were called, presumably because a sea of angry black faces is automatically cause for a heavy handed and violent response.
When a peaceful protest is met by a riot squad, its easy to see how things can turn violent.
People who want their voices to be heard can become aggressive when met with hostility and heavy handedness.
According to the media statements a courthouse window was smashed, police were injured.
White australis response has been to condemn the protesters actions. Worried about who will pay of the broken window, people saying that its the boys fault for allegedly stealing the motorbike, there are closed Facebook groups where commenters call for aboriginals to be run down, for the mine shafts to be filled with dead bodies.
Still white Australia are upset at the protesters, why cant they just leave it in the hands of the justice system they ask. Why do those aboriginals have to riot they ask, don’t they have jobs they should be at.
White Australia doesn’t know why because white Australia has no reason they can see to protest anything.
White Australia is on the receiving end of justice every second of every day, while black Australia is left to die in police in cells ( https://newmatilda.com/2016/03/30/ms-dhus-pain-how-to-hurt-an-aboriginal-family-without-even-really-trying/).
Their white murderers are let off lightly because even the judge provides character references for defendants that they are “good blokes”(https://overland.org.au/2010/05/top-blokes-totally-out-of-character-when-five-white-men-beat-an-aboriginal-man-to-death/comment-page-1/ )
Drug affected hit and run drivers that kill 8 year old boys are given 6 month home detention sentences (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-07-21/man-gets-home-detention-after-fatal-hit-run-of-eight-year-old/6636102).

This why I stand in solidarity with my aboriginal brothers and sisters. There is no end in sight for the abolishment of the racist justice system that continues to create this divide based on the level of melanin in a persons skin, based on where they are from and who their family is.
The judges, the juries, the media, the people at home in their armchairs, they all continually tell a story that everything matters more then black lives.

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