Giving up the contraceptive pill.

The more I read and the more I knew, the less I could reason why I should take the contraceptive pill. From reading recent studies proving that the hormonal contraceptive causes depression and mood disorder, to information that the chemical that causes you to stop ovulating alters the hormones in your body, leaving your estrogen and progesterone levels that of a child. The whole science behind the pill is to trick your body into not ovulating. The bleeding you have every 3 weeks is not a real period, it’s a trick that as designed by the men who invented the pill to make women feel ‘normal’.
So I’ve been feeling like a bit of a fraud taking the pill, as I know all the negatives and really the only positive is that you are less likely to fall pregnant. Well that’s pretty much not going to happen these days anyway! So I’ve taken the plunge and stopped it!
I stopped taking it in the start of March, so its been nearly 3 months now. My skin was actually fine until last week, I thought i had gotten away with it!
Unfortunately my skin has broken out worse then ever before! So I’ve dug out my books and looked up some things online and discovered a few things that I didn’t already know.
Firstly I had forgotten that the hormonal contraceptive depletes your body of zinc. Zinc is essential for clear skin as it reduces keratin production, so it keeps pores open, and also kills bacteria and reduces testosterone. Post-pill acne is a result of the withdrawal from birth control’s strong sebum-suppressing drugs. The skin is also affected by a natural surge in androgens when going off the hormonal birth control.
Two of the other biggest causes of acne are dairy and refined sugar, which I already avoid for the most part but I will be trying to cut out completely for now.
Probiotics are super important to have in your daily routine, and especially fermented foods like kombucha, kefir and fermented veggies. Sadly for me I have a histamine allergy so I can only have minimal of these foods, so I take a probiotic powder.
I’ve ordered online a mushroom blend that has 8 of the most potent medicinal mushrooms and also a tonic that has goji extract, shizandra extract. longan berry extract and micro ground pearl powder. Ive also ordered diinodolymethane capsules, which have been shown to help balance androgens. Im already taking lamb pituitary capsules and thyroid energy support and I try to drink maca every day or two. Its a lot to take but I dont take anything else as I don’t believing taking vitamins.
So wish me luck and stay tuned for updates on how my skin goes over the next couple months.
Its an awful feeling having acne, especially in your 30’s and probably even more so when you know you have a good heathy diet and use organic skincare and makeup and really make an effort to have a nice presentation. I’m struggling already with it, but I’m trying to think of the positives and remind myself that it more important to have balance inside and once my hormones are all settled my skin will rebalance. Luckily I have amazing mineral makeup from jane ordeal so that will help with my confidence a bit I hope!

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