Month: February 2018

Sneaker & Slide picks of the week

February 20, 2018

Image credit SOLEFINESS Anyone who knows me, knows I how much I love slides! Mainly because I hate thongs so much! I should clarify when I say thongs that if you’re not Aussie you would say flip flops in that instance, not the other kind! They just look ugly and I hate the bit between […]

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Hey boy! Whats new in the world of contemporary boys fashion

February 19, 2018

Do you agree that majority of people still see children’s fashion as predominantly for girls? Its 2018 and I know for sure many do! I regularly get comments on the lil wolves outfits and often people will say, why would you go to all that bother for boys! Its true that until recently , boys […]

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February 7, 2018

So! I’ve been on holidays from study for the last couple months, and been busy with the kids and work and farm life etc. Happy to report i passed my first two design subjects by the skin of my nose haha. I really need to devote more energy to the course this time around, especially […]

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