Sneaker & Slide picks of the week

Image credit SOLEFINESS

Anyone who knows me, knows I how much I love slides! Mainly because I hate thongs so much! I should clarify when I say thongs that if you’re not Aussie you would say flip flops in that instance, not the other kind! They just look ugly and I hate the bit between your toes, who’s with me?
These babies have just been released at Sole Finess and I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair!

For the kids I definitely need these Akid slides in red and they also come in black !

Image credit AKIDBRAND


And I would be lying if I said I didn’t actually want a pair of these for myself ! Do you think the boys could pull these off? Its kinda hard to see but they are clear plastic with white. Also available in several colour ways.

Available now at Akid
Image credit AKIDBRAND

Last but no least if you saw my instagram stories last week I had a poll on whether to get these in blush/ rose or bone /green. It was a pretty even result but I think for me I need the rose ! Who am I kidding I NEED both 😆

Available now from Sole Finess
Image credit SOLEFINESS

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