5 daily habits of healthy children

November 13, 2016

People often express surprise when I tell them my kids have never really been sick. Neither of them has ever taken antibiotics and aside from an early sensitivity to lactose in my oldest, they are both very strong and have excellent immune systems. Neither has ever had any type of ear infection, high temps or […]

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Small steps

October 10, 2016

School holidays are over, and its time to get back on my game. After quitting my Law degree I decided to give myself a few weeks downtime, with the date of return to school being my deadline. The past few weeks have been wonderful in many ways and awful in many others. Bills have been […]

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I’m not

September 11, 2016

pain is the only way I feel these days bruises on my skin color purple and yellow remind me of you so many years numbing the pain now I’m numb to the caress of any who cares I need to be hurt to feel like there’s someone there love is a 4 letter word and […]

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These children may be wild

August 31, 2016

It’s the relentless intensity and monotony. Its the constant flow of broken things, destroyed things, melted things, lost things. Every day a battle to clean and tidy, always losing. They say you cant have a happy family and a clean home, but its hard to settle for a messy home and only infrequently pleasant humans […]

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When murder isn’t murder

Yesterday in a regional area of remote western Australia, a 14 year old boy riding a motorbike was run down by a 55 year old man driving a 4 WD vehicle. This child was run down, allegedly run over and left to die alone on dusty bush track. The boys name was Elijah and he […]

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On the subject of the torture of children

August 30, 2016

In our home we have a TV, though for much my life I have never had one in the house. Upon having kids I conceded to having a TV in the house, and find it useful for watching documentaries and movies and cartoons are also a good distraction on rainy days. I never watch the […]

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Find your passion and go for it!

August 27, 2016

As I grow older, I find myself wishing more often that I had just one thing I was passionate about. As long as I can remember I have always been interested in everything, mediocre at everything and not particularly outstanding at anything. I’m envious when I speak to or read about people who decide to […]

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Sustenance for the soul

April 27, 2016

Living mindfully is my nature, its how I have always lived my life. I don’t stress on the past, I don’t worry about the future, I live in the moment. Thats not to say I lead an entirely carefree life, I simply don’t worry. I think I was born with a natural inclination for mindfulness […]

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OOTD effortlessly rad

February 21, 2016

Definitely my favourite part of IG shopping is discovering small shops that you would otherwise never have discovered if not for clicking from one page, to another, to another and ending up somewhere on the other side of the world 2 weeks ago, to a kid wearing an amazing outfit that you just have to […]

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Well I guess this is growing up

February 19, 2016

Suddenly, my baby was a schoolboy. Sweet little uniform, new school shoes and a hopeful heart went along to the first day with no tears and barely a backward glance at mum. The first two weeks passed happily and with hardly any and ups or down, smoother sailing one couldn’t ask for. Day 10 as […]

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