Dreams of packing it all away

February 18, 2016

Goa, 2005. Nothing evokes in me a stronger sense of nostalgia and happiness then recollections of travels past. From my first solo overseas jaunt at age 16 to Malaysia, India and Nepal, I haven’t yet been able to stem the ever pervasive desire to travel. That first trip, the plane stopped in Malaysia and I […]

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that mama hustle is hard alone

February 8, 2016

I was raised by a single mum, and I know it was hard for her to be a mother, made so much harder by her own struggles with her personal demons. So life was hard for us for other reasons the just being an only child in a single parent home. Luckily for me, mum […]

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procrastination is my weakness

February 7, 2016

So here I am, procrastinating about writing a post about procrastinating. Oh the irony! Its 10.04 am, ad aside from a mountain of housework and work to do, I have time spare to devote to my passion, writing. Unfortunately all the brilliant prose and with anecdotes that rouse my mind when I’m lying in bed […]

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when all your clothes are black

January 22, 2016

Last week I was packing my overnight bag for a weekend away in the city, carefully selecting and laying out my underwear, pants, shirts, jackets, socks and shoes and laying them out on my bed. I had to laugh when I realised every item was black. Every single item. I actually had to snap a […]

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raising boys

Some say parenting boys is much easier then girls. Well mostly only the parents of girls. Though being a girl myself and being a single parent, there are often issues that arise that I am unsure of how to deal with. The issue of gender equality is close to my heart, and though I understand […]

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Doing it all, or a lesson in what to outsource…

January 13, 2016

Moving to the countryside as an adult, when all of your adult life has been spent traveling or living in cities can be a big learning curve. The isolation, the heavy yard work, maintaining property, caring for animals and growing your own food are the things self sustainable eco paradise dreams are made of, but […]

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Skateboard P

January 9, 2016

Mister R has loved playing around with skateboards since the day I first brought mine home. When christmas loomed, and Mister J was in need of his first big ticket item, a bicycle with pedals, it was only natural that Mister R would be getting his very own skateboard. It was made an even easier […]

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Fashion Friday ; we love to shop small

January 8, 2016

We happened into the world of brand repping through my love of small shops. Prior to Instagram and having children of my own, I would always source my clothes from small or upcoming label in boutiques, markets or vintage stores. When I moved out of the city to a tiny seaside town a few hours […]

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Skateboarding in your 30’s

When I was a teenager I was really into skateboarding, despite the fact I was literally the only girl in my small town who skated. My weekends were spent practicing kick flips and grinding and all that, and I was actually pretty good. I continued to skate on and off into my twenties, and I […]

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mama wheres my iPad?

January 6, 2016

Growing up my family didn’t watch TV. We had a TV sure, a colour one and all, it was occasionally turned on for ABC news and that was it. At that stage the place I called home was on a huge rural property, friends I had not many, and distractions were few. Being a somewhat […]

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