Figuring it all out part 1

January 5, 2016

Up until now, I was using this space to try and just put my writing out there in the hope of encouraging me to simply write more. So far that plan hasn’t been going so well, so I’ve decided to make this space more of a ‘Lifestyle’ blog as well as my rambling essays and […]

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letters to a lover

December 12, 2015

The pen is easy to pick up. The paper finds its way to the table. The words come tumbling out, hastily, too hastily. I need to be careful what I write. Cross out the inked mistakes, should have used a pencil. I was born not that long ago, when letters were exchanged regularly between friends, […]

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extreme holidaying

September 1, 2015

Having travelled my whole life, exotic ¬†adventures and cultural immersion is what I do best. ¬†With a backpack on and sandals on my feet, I lived the bohemian lifestyle for most of my travels, hitchhiking, catching local buses and trains, wandering to find accommodation when required. My travel was about feeling life, experiencing a place […]

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August 30, 2015

Always an eccentric child, too inquisitive and headstrong never an obedient girl, from the start intent on blazing a trail of my own. Crossing continents alone at 16, consuming whole the brilliance of harsh beauties found in reality so far detached from my own Getting lost in silver wrapped sweets, streets enveloped in bollywood beats, […]

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Freedom and Fear

August 14, 2015

In the current political climate, it seemed timely¬†to reflect on how the¬†Australian people have been convinced that the nation is on¬†the brink of becoming an Extremist Islamist State. Any day now all women will be forced to wear burqas, girls will be denied education and the men will be free to rape, murder and pillage […]

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Reverie Poetry Jam

July 13, 2015

More than a week after taking the bold step of creating this space, I still hadn’t managed to make my first post. Deliberations and rumination abounded, knowing I must make a memorable entry to commemorate this critical moment. Then, in one of my 3.30am epiphanies it came to me! I must start a Poetry Jam. […]

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